Friday, March 25, 2011

I Make My Stuffs!

My eldest daughter hoards her crapola -- her crayons, her Little Mermaid figurine, her bent playing cards -- in a little white toddler purse, hugged tightly to her chest. I got my stuffs, she says greedily. Gollum with sandy-blond ringlets.

Today, as I surveyed my mountainous fiber stash, fondled my yarn stash, refolded my fledgling (but already impressive) fabric stash, admired my FOs, scruitanized my UFOs, I had to wonder... are we so different, my greedy little crap-toting toddler and I?

I love my stuffs.


  1. LOL - don't we all have our "stuffs." Glad you're joining the Supernova quilt-along, it is definitely not too late! I'm looking forward to quilting along with you! : )

  2. Thanks, Lee. I love your design sense and your great spirit!